Thursday Events Online

Thursday evenings, 7-8:30pm EDT

Our online workshops are held via Zoom. Visit What you need to run Zoom, to set up your computer or device to join the workshop online.

September 2021

Thursday, September 9: The Complete History of Square Dancing, Abridged

Thursday, September 30: The SongCatcher: Olive Dame Campbellwith Alex Cumming

October 2021

Thursday, October 14: Faith and Folktales: Russian Storytelling Through Image with Laura Garrity-Arquitt of the Museum of Russian Icons

Thursday, October 28: FAC Game Show 2.0

July 2021

July 22: Intangible Beauty: What Dress Traditions Reveal About Self and Identity with Paula Davis

June 2021

June 3: From Petroglyphs to Pottery with Ann Schunior

June 17: Textile Detective: Cultural Clues from Fabric Fragments with Miriam Milgram

May 2021

May 6: Cook and Kibitz with Barbara Model

May 20: From Bulgaria to Boston with Nadia Ullman

April 2021

April 1: Czech Spring Traditions with Jan Pumpr

April 8: Wycinanki Workshop (Polish papercuting) with Sue Van Wassenhove (in collaboration with the NFO Annual Conference)

April 22: When Spring Comes to Romania with Dorina Nimigean

March 2021

March 4: Sing-along with Matt and Joan Shear

March 18: Vävstuga Textiles–A Nordic Journey with Becky Ashenden

February 2021

February 4: Crafters Panel: Susan Lind-Sinanian (Armenian embroidery), Regina Laskowski (Polish wysinanki), and Liz Levin (Balkan embroidered clothing)

February 18: Hungarian Cooking with Dénes Takácsy

January 2021

January 7: Soups for the Soul with Barbara Model

January 21: FAC Game Show

December 2020

December 3: Norwegian Cookie Baking with Mary Seim

December 10: Balkan Sing-along with Henry Goldberg

December 17: Christmas in Czech Republic with Jan Pumpr

November 2020

November 5: Guy Fawkes Adventure with Susan Worland

November 12: CanCan and Apache Tango Storytelling Reprise with Richard Powers, 7:00–9:00pm EST

November 19: Bulgarian Travelogue, Part II with Pierre Neville

October 2020

October 1: Armenian Puklavah Baking Workshop with Susan Lind-Sinanian

October 8: Meet the Band: An Evening with Zdravets

October 15: Salads from What You Have with Barbara Model

October 22: Beads without End with Martha Forsyth and Pat Iverson

October 29: Bulgarian Travelogue, Part I with Pierre Neville

September 2020

September 10: Rebroadcast of Dance History of the Ragtime, Jazz, and Swing Eras with Richard Powers

September 17: Georgian Cooking Workshop with Bennett Clifford

September 24: Estonian Craft Experience with Kathryn Black