Thursday Events Online

Thursday evenings, 7-8:30pm EDT

November 4: Balkan Women’s Culture with Ron Wixman

November 18: The Entwining of Bobbin Lace and Dance with Sally Jenkins

December 9: Balkan Singalong with Henry Goldberg

October 2021

October 14: Faith and Folktales: Russian Storytelling Through Image with Laura Garrity-Arquitt of the Museum of Russian Icons

October 28: FAC Game Show 2.0

September 2021

September 9: The Complete History of Square Dancing, Abridged with Tony Parkes

September 30: The SongCatcher: Olive Dame Campbell with Alex Cumming

July 2021

July 22: Intangible Beauty: What Dress Traditions Reveal About Self and Identity with Paula Davis

June 2021

June 3: From Petroglyphs to Pottery with Ann Schunior

June 17: Textile Detective: Cultural Clues from Fabric Fragments with Miriam Milgram

May 2021

May 6: Cook and Kibitz with Barbara Model

May 20: From Bulgaria to Boston with Nadia Ullman

April 2021

April 1: Czech Spring Traditions with Jan Pumpr

April 8: Wycinanki Workshop (Polish papercuting) with Sue Van Wassenhove (in collaboration with the NFO Annual Conference)

April 22: When Spring Comes to Romania with Dorina Nimigean

March 2021

March 4: Sing-along with Matt and Joan Shear

March 18: Vävstuga Textiles–A Nordic Journey with Becky Ashenden

February 2021

February 4: Crafters Panel: Susan Lind-Sinanian (Armenian embroidery), Regina Laskowski (Polish wysinanki), and Liz Levin (Balkan embroidered clothing)

February 18: Hungarian Cooking with Dénes Takácsy

January 2021

January 7: Soups for the Soul with Barbara Model

January 21: FAC Game Show

December 2020

December 3: Norwegian Cookie Baking with Mary Seim

December 10: Balkan Sing-along with Henry Goldberg

December 17: Christmas in Czech Republic with Jan Pumpr

November 2020

November 5: Guy Fawkes Adventure with Susan Worland

November 12: CanCan and Apache Tango Storytelling Reprise with Richard Powers, 7:00–9:00pm EST

November 19: Bulgarian Travelogue, Part II with Pierre Neville

October 2020

October 1: Armenian Puklavah Baking Workshop with Susan Lind-Sinanian

October 8: Meet the Band: An Evening with Zdravets

October 15: Salads from What You Have with Barbara Model

October 22: Beads without End with Martha Forsyth and Pat Iverson

October 29: Bulgarian Travelogue, Part I with Pierre Neville

September 2020

September 10: Rebroadcast of Dance History of the Ragtime, Jazz, and Swing Eras with Richard Powers

September 17: Georgian Cooking Workshop with Bennett Clifford

September 24: Estonian Craft Experience with Kathryn Black