What you need to join

Download the plugin or app appropriate for how you choose to view the workshop:

To join the workshop, visit the individual workshop page for the Zoom link when it becomes available.

You will be asked if you wish to join using your app or your browser. You decide which you want and proceed to join the workshop. If you are more than fifteen minutes prior to the start of the workshop, you’ll see a message saying “the meeting has not yet started.” You can use the time before the meeting starts to test your audio.

Zoom tips

As with any Zoom meeting, you will experience fewer problems with audio and video delays and dropouts if you can:

  • establish the strongest connection to the internet (e.g. moving your computer as close as possible to your router, or using a wired ethernet connection if possible);
  • maximize the resources available to Zoom by using your most powerful device (if you have a choice);
  • minimizing other resource use on your network while you are using Zoom (e.g., don’t have other household members streaming a movie or downloading large files); and closing any other applications open on your device.

For further information about Zoom and its options, review this Zoom tutorial or visit the Zoom Download Center.