April 7, 2022

More Than Skin Deep: The Significance of Tattoos

with Fade Meraki

7 - 8:30pm EDT

online via Zoom

$10 is suggested but any amount is appreciated.

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About the Program

Tattooing is a global folk art with a history as old as cave paintings, with traditions in indigenous societies across the world, from Asia and Polynesia to Africa and the Americas. In this presentation Fade Meraki will give us a global overview of tattooing and will discuss what she has seen and learned during her time with traditional tattooists from some of the world’s oldest tattoo cultures.

About Fade

Fade Meraki is an internationally renowned tattoo artist in Brighton, UK. Her interest in the purpose, meaning, and ritual of tattoos in tribes around the world has led her to live with and learn from some of the most remote tattooing tribes in Borneo and Sumatra. She has interviewed tattooists, head-hunters, and tribal historians for a number of UK tattoo magazines. Her book on tattoo anthropology, Ancient Tattoo Revival: A Global Journey into Contemporary Tribal Tattoo Culture, will be published this year. She is working on a multi-episode TV series on tattoo history. Visit Fade’s website for more information.