June 16, 2022

Ladarke Workshop

with Julia Poirier and Friends

7-8:30pm EDT

online via Zoom

$10 is suggested but any amount is appreciated.

Donations support these events, leaders, musicians, and the Folk Arts Center.

Download the sheet music used during the workshop.

About Ladarke

“Ladarke” is a Croatian song cycle for mixed choir and tamburica ensemble, composed by Emil Cossetto in 1950.

The arrangement consists of three songs:

  • Ladarke ido v selo - The Ladarke enter the village
  • Pred starim majkama - Before the old mothers
  • Ladarski ples (Ivanjska igra) – Ladarke’s dance (St. John’s Day dance)

For more information about the composition and Emil Cossetto, go to the Mendocino Folklore Camp Ladarke page.

About the Program

The evening will begin with an introduction of what Ladarke is and why it is so special. We will then disperse into four breakout rooms, one each for sopranos, altos, tenors, and basses. Each room will have a leader in it who will go over the Croatian pronounciation of the words, the musical parts themselves, and the all-important “road map”. Toward the end of the workshop, all the parts will merge together, and we will sing Ladarke, accompanied by an orchestra of guitar, accordion, clarinet, and bass.

Julia Poirier, a member of The Pinewoods Band and the All Girl Band, both based in the Boston area, has been lining up the instrumentalists and singers for this evening’s workshop. She has frequently led the singing of Ladarke at the Folk Arts Center’s June International Pinewoods Camp sessions, as well as in sessions at the annual New England Folk Festival.