FAC Game Show 2.0: Mystery Mementos

October 28, 7–8:30pm EDT

online via Zoom

About the Program

Here we go again! The SOFA gang is back with a New, Improved Game Show – Version 2.0, Mystery Mementos. Once again, teams will compete to identify travel mementos acquired by FAC friends in order to answer the Game Questions: “What is it?” and “Where is it from?”.

Each team will include the owner of one of the submitted mementos. In separate breakout rooms, teams will each be shown a memento and have a few minutes to come up with three answers to the Game Questions; two answers will be bluffs and one will be correct (provided by the object’s owner).

  • Attendees will be sorted into teams of their own choosing in advance or by the organizers upon entry to the event; 4-6 players per team, including one Memento Owner per team.
  • To submit a memento you think will stump the teams, send a photo and brief description to FAC game host. If your object is selected, you’ll be asked to play on a team on game night. Mementos should reflect the culture of the country or area they represent.

While the teams are in their breakout rooms, anyone not on a team and in the main Zoom room can see the mementos and talk about them. Once the teams have returned from their separate rooms, they’ll take turns presenting their three answers; then everyone else will vote for the correct answer from each team.

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