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Labor Day Weekend at Pinewoods Camp

2022 Covid Policy

Pinewoods Camp, Inc and the Folk Arts Center of New England
2023 COVID Protocol at Pinewoods Camp (PCI)
Summer 2023

updated: June 1, 2023

Quick links to documents with details about requirements to come to Pinewoods this summer.

A Letter from FAC's Executive Director

Over the past many months there have been countless hours of conversation between individuals, committees, and organizations about Covid protocol at camp. All involved were thoughtful and open-minded, and able to see "the other side" - whatever side that may have been.

It is our community's blessing that what puts a session at Pinewoods above all the rest is the camp crew. These are people who have, in many cases, been raised in the community, or, if not, have come to it with open arms. They love Pinewoods, they love the campers, and they work hard every single day all summer to make the magic that the rest of us cherish in our hearts and memories. Last summer, due to the Covid outbreak in June, our FolkDays session was ended early and the July 4 session was canceled completely. This was due in large part because many crew members became sick and camp simply could not run without them.

With an eye towards learning from recent history, the Program Providers (including FAC) and Pinewoods Camp (PCI) have agreed to a set of Covid protocols that include vaccinations, testing and some required mask-wearing. We are doing this not to put a damper on anyone's fun, and not in a "the sky is falling" manner, but, simply put, to protect the crew and the sessions that follow FAC's. For without them, there could be no camp. And with no crew and no sessions, our summers would not be the same.

We trust that you understand and concur with our decision. Would that there had been no pandemic. Would that these past few years be much farther away than they are. But we are keeping the lemonade coming, despite the inconveniences!

These two documents will give you the details about what is required to come to Pinewoods this summer. The first is from PCI and the second, reiterating and supplying more details, is the FAC summary.

If you have any questions about the Covid policy, contact the FAC offices: by email or call 781-438-4387.