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Labor Day Weekend at Pinewoods Camp

2022 Scholarship Information

There are multiple opportunities for reduced camp fees, as well as scholarships offered jointly between Pinewoods Camp, Inc. (PCI), the Folk Arts Center of New England (FAC), and the Country Dance Society-Boston Centre (CDS-BC). There are also a few dishwashing work exchange positions available.

Below are short descriptions of each offering. The camp coordinators are responsible for assigning the scholarships and work exchange positions; there is a question on the application form that allows you select which opportunities you would like to be considered for.

New Generation Initiative (NGI) Scholarships

This scholarship program is aimed at youth, between the ages of 15 and 30, who have never been to a Pinewoods session before and who are interested in leadership roles in traditional music, dance, and song. PCI, FAC, and CDS-BC each waive their fees to enable these scholarship opportunities..

  • Full scholarship
  • Recipients must be new to Pinewoods
  • Recipients must be between the ages of 15-30, inclusive

Need-Based Scholarships

This scholarship program is also sponsored jointly by PCI, FAC, and CDS-BC.

  • Partial scholarship
  • May be awarded to new or returning campers
  • No age restriction

BIPOC 2022 Pilot Scholarships

PCI, FAC, and CDS-BC support and welcome racial diversity among our campers and promotes inclusion. The BIPOC 2022 Pilot Scholarships are intended for campers of any age who self-identify as Black, Indigenous, or a person of color.

  • Full scholarship
  • May be awarded to new or returning campers
  • No age restriction

Camper Work Exchange

The FAC and CDS-BC offer the opportunity for a reduced camper rate through dishwashing work exchange positions. Recipients will be part of a team who work seven out of the Labor Day Weekend session’s 11 meals.