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Labor Day Weekend at Pinewoods Camp

2022 Children at Pinewoods

Pinewoods is a magical place for everyone, especially for children, and we are pleased to welcome families to attend the Labor Day Weekend session!

Policies for families and children at Pinewoods

Pinewoods Camp’s Rules for Campers Under 18

Welcome, families! We are glad to have you here. For your children's safety, remember that Pinewoods is not certified as a children's camp, nor is it childproof. Your children could easily get hurt or lost if not closely supervised. The camp environment is also fragile— please remind your children to respect and care for the trees, plants, and paths.

  1. Campers under 18 must be accompanied by a parent or guardian, who is responsible for those children at all times. A Parent Responsibility Form for each child must be signed by the child's parent (and by the appointed guardian, if applicable) and provided to Pinewoods before arrival at camp.
  2. Parents who send their child to camp with a guardian must also sign a Parent Responsibility Form authorizing emergency medical treatment.
  3. General waterfront rules are posted at camp. Please review them with your children. Pinewoods Camp, Inc. does not assume responsibility for campers swimming or using the boats.
    1. Swimming:
      • Ages 0–9: must be accompanied and supervised by their parent or another adult designated by a parent.
      • Ages 10–17: may swim without a parent when the lifeguard is on duty, and with a parent's consent. May also swim with a parent or another adult designated by a parent during non-lifeguarded hours.
      • Campers under 18 must pass the lifeguard's swimming test in order to swim beyond the dock, even when accompanied by a parent or other adult.
      • One adult may not supervise more than 4 children at one time when the lifeguard is not on duty.
    2. Boating:
      • Campers under 18 must be accompanied by their parent or another adult designated by a parent. However, campers aged 13–17 may canoe with another teen during daylight hours if both have passed the swimming test and if their parents permit.
      • Anyone under 18 must wear a life jacket at all times when boating.
  4. The illegal use and sale of alcohol and drugs are prohibited. The Massachusetts legal drinking age is 21.

Parent Responsibility Form

Parent and Guardian Responsibility Form and Medical Care Authorization Form

A Statement of Responsibility form for each camper under age 18 must be signed by the child's parent (and the appointed guardian, if applicable). This form should be downloaded, printed out, completed, and sent to the FAC office before arrival at camp. Forms can be scanned and sent by email to the FAC office or mailed to FAC at:
10 Franklin Street, Stoneham MA 02180-1862.

Download this form.