Labor Day Weekend at Pinewoods Camp

September 1-5, 2023

Sponsored by the Folk Arts Center of New England
and the Country Dance Society – Boston Centre

View fees and registration information here. Registrants are accepted on a first come, first admitted basis.

Labor Day Weekend is a late-summer chance to enjoy the lovely ponds and forests of Pinewoods Camp, and participate in a relaxed schedule of classes and events, including English, American, and International dancing, music classes, plus additional staff- and camper-led workshops and activities.


The Labor Day Weekend staff has a tradition of creating different ensembles for the three dance forms: American, English, and International dance, making an ever-changing and ever-delightful experience for the dancers.

2023 Dance Leaders

Sue Rosen (American dance)

Bruce Hamilton (English dance)

Marcie Van Cleave (International dance)

2023 Musicians

Audrey Jaber (coordinator)
Vince O’Donnell (coordinator)
Alex Cumming
Ben Jaber
McKinley James
Debby Knight
Jean Monroe
Julia Poirier
Bruce Rosen
Brian Wilson
Patrick Yacono