Labor Day Weekend at Pinewoods

Pinewoods Camp, Plymouth, Massachusetts

2021 Labor Day Weekend at Pinewoods

A message from Marcie Van Cleave and the session coordinators

August 10, 2021

Dear Campers,
The Pinewoods Camp, Inc. (PCI) Board of Directors met last night and after much thoughtful discussion, decided to cancel the rest of the summer 2021 season.
While there have been no reported cases of Covid since camp opened to crew in mid-May, it was felt that the Delta variant was presenting too much of a danger to risk bringing it into our community. All of us associated with the Folk Arts Center of New England and the Country Dance Society, Boston Centre support this difficult decision, albeit with sorrow.
The tasks to shut down a camp are many, but one important thing we did immediately was to reach out to the staff, give them the news, and offer them a cancellation stipend. All of them are understanding and disappointed at the news, and grateful for the offer.
As regards to your deposits, you have three options:

  • donate it to Folk Arts Center and Country Dance Society, Boston Centre
  • donate part of it to FAC/CDS-BC and get part of it refunded
  • receive a full refund

If you opt to donate, you will be helping to support the leaders, callers, and the two non-profit sponsoring organizations, as we continue navigating these uncharted waters of staying afloat during the pandemic.
I speak for Lizzie, David, and myself as I say how deeply disappointed we are that we will not be able to dance with you at camp this Labor Day Weekend. We hope that we will be together on the dance floor, in the ponds, and at meals next year.
Until then, keep dancing and music in your hearts, and stay well.

Your Labor Day Weekend 2021 Coordinators:

Marcie Van Cleave   ✥   Lizzie MacLachlan   ✥   David Fleischmann-Rose

A message from Pinewoods Camp, Inc.

August 10, 2021
This has been a remarkable and unusual summer. CDSS’s American Week is happening at Camp right now, and it is the tenth session to bring music and dancing back to Pinewoods this season. After almost two years without campers, it has been magical to have the paths, dance halls, and cabins full. All campers, staff, and crew were vaccinated this summer, and recent sessions handled new testing requirements with grace. There have not been any reported cases of Covid-19.
Unfortunately, due to the rising threat of Covid-19 variants, Pinewoods and our Program Providers are having to pivot once again. We are sad to announce that, after this week, Camp is closing for the season. When we made the decision to open Camp this year, it was with the knowledge that circumstances might change. It is clear now that much more rigorous testing, masking, and distance requirements are rapidly becoming necessary to keep the Pinewoods staff, crew, and campers safe. Pinewoods and our Program Providers are limited in what we can reasonably ask of our community and in the safety that our facilities can provide. After discussions with our Program Providers, we are unified in deciding that Camp cannot safely remain open.
We are both grateful for the music and dance that have happened at Camp so far this summer and deeply sorry that the remaining sessions cannot be here. You can expect to hear from us soon and often as we close up Camp and move into the off-season. Plans are already being made for next summer, and we look forward to dancing, singing, and making music with you all again before too long. Stay well! Keep in touch! If you have any questions or concerns, please email
All the best,
Chris Jacobs, Executive Director
Pinewoods Camp, Inc. Board of Directors