Camper information

Labor Day Weekend at Pinewoods

Pinewoods Camp, Plymouth, Massachusetts

General information for campers

After you have registered for Labor Day Weekend at Pinewoods, you will be notified by email about payments due, any further forms to submit, and arrival instructions. As the camp dates get closer, you will receive information about program details such as camp tour times and party themes.

Camp opens at 3 pm Friday.

Getting to Pinewoods

Pinewoods Camp is on an out-of-the way dirt road between Long Pond and Round Pond, off Route 3, south of downtown Plymouth, Massachusetts. Detailed directions to camp are available for driving and public transportation.

  • In consideration of Pinewoods' neighbors, please use the Halfway Pond Road approach to camp as described in the driving directions.
  • The last part of the route to camp is narrow, bumpy, and hidden from the world. If you have not been to Pinewoods before, it would be best to arrive before dark.
  • Pinewoods is off the beaten track, and its name can be confused with that of another camp in Plymouth. If you are taking a taxi or shuttle to camp, have driving directions handy.
  • Parking is limited at camp; please carpool if possible.

What to bring:

  • Flashlight (the paths can be very dark at night)
  • Blankets and sheets (for single beds) or a sleeping bag
  • Extra pillow (if you need more than the one provided or are attached to your own!)
  • Towels: for swimming and beach activities, showers, and hand drying
  • Swimsuit, sunscreen, sunglasses, sunhat
  • Comfortable clothes for dancing
  • Shoes: clean, soft-soled shoes for dancing, comfortable shoes for walking around camp, flip-flops for the beach and showers
  • Costumes and accessories for the Sunday night party theme (theme to be announced)
  • Hat for the Mad Hatter’s Tea Party on Monday afternoon
  • Warm clothing (the weather gets cool sometimes, especially at night)
  • Rain gear (this helps keep the rain away!)
  • Insect repellent
  • Toiletries
  • Alarm clock
  • Medications you may need, especially a bee sting kit if you are allergic
  • Special foods you may need (you may use the refrigerators in the Camphouse, Pinecones, and Hunsdon House)
  • Musical instruments (if you play any)

What not to bring:

  • Pets
  • Guests
  • Valuables
  • Firearms
  • Illegal substances
  • Heat-producing appliances such as hairdryers. Most of the housing at camp cannot handle the electrical requirements of hairdryers. If you must use them, when at camp ask the Grounds Crew where these appliances can be used safely.

Special diets

Pinewoods Camp feeds a large number of campers with a small kitchen crew, and does not have the resources to accommodate all individual needs and preferences. The camp tries to serve a variety of foods, and may offer nondairy or other alternatives to some menu items. A vegetarian option is always provided; you must sign up for this on the Application Form when registering.The Dining Hall’s refrigerated “alternatives cart,” available during mealtimes, is typically stocked with:

  • Bread, rice cakes
  • Peanut butter, jelly
  • Sliced cheese, cottage cheese, plain yogurt
  • Green salad, raw vegetables, fruit
  • Plain tofu, plain tuna, hard-boiled eggs
  • Sliced ham, sliced turkey, plain cooked chicken
  • Condiments (tamari, ketchup, etc.)

If you require additional options, you will need to bring your own food with you. It can be stored in refrigerators at the Camphouse, Pinecones, and Hunsdon House. Please label your food clearly with your name. Pinewoods does not have food preparation or storage space for campers in the main kitchen. There are stoves in Pinecones and Hunsdon House for camper use. If you have severe food allergies, check in with one of the head cooks at the beginning of your session, and ask about specific dishes if you have any doubts. Although the cooks make an effort to have potential allergens listed on the menu board for each meal, Pinewoods Camp, Inc. cannot accept responsibility for notifying you of the presence of potential allergens in the food served.

Phone calls

If a matter is urgent, callers from the outside world may leave a message for a camper at the camp office phone, 508-224-4858, but neither the Pinewoods staff nor the FAC staff can search for a camper to take a call except in an extreme emergency.

Campers may use cell phones only in their cabins. Use of cell phones on the paths, in the Dining Hall or the dance pavilions, or in other common areas is not allowed.

Internet access

The natural beauty of the camp’s woods and waterfronts offers a welcome respite from high-tech daily life. To help preserve the rustic ambience that is such a refreshing part of the camp experience, Wi-Fi service is available to campers on an extremely limited basis. Further details will be supplied at camp.