Oktoberfest International Dance and Music Weekend 2021:

October 8 - 11

Hulbert Outdoor Center, Fairlee, Vermont

Oktoberfest 2021 has been canceled.

We regretfully announce that another beloved event has to be canceled because of Covid. After much heartfelt discussion, where we examined the pros and cons of running an in-person, residential event, FAC's Executive Committee and I, along with Laura DeCesare, the weekend's volunteer coordinator, very reluctantly decided to cancel the weekend. The decision was made neither lightly nor in haste, but decided based on elements we cannot control and a future we cannot see clearly.

We thank all of you who responded to our requests for your opinion - and, to a person, your struggles to come to the "right" decision were evident. Your messages and opinions helped guide us toward the decision we reached.

We are in this together, and while we cannot be together on the dance floor yet, we pray for everyone's health and happiness, and hope that we will soon meet in person with welcome smiles and open arms.

Marcie Van Cleave   ✥   Laura DeCesare

Background photography: Sue Flint