Oktoberfest International Dance and Music Weekend

Camper Information

What to bring:

  • A pillow, twin-sized bedding or a sleeping bag, and towels.
  • A flashlight, with new batteries, for getting around Hulbert after dark.
  • Rain gear and cold-weather clothes.
  • Sturdy shoes or boots (if you plan to take a walk or to hike in the woods).
  • Comfortable clothes for dancing.
  • Dance shoes – Please change from outdoor shoes to clean, soft-soled shoes for dancing to help preserve the dance floor and cut down on the need for sweeping.
  • Ethnic costumes and accessories (if you have any) for the Saturday evening dance party.
  • Musical instruments (if you play any) for the instrumental workshop.
  • Toiletries and medications that you may need.
  • Special foods that you may need (refrigerator space is available for camper use in the Main House kitchen).
  • Additional items that you might find useful – an alarm clock, ear plugs, and clothes hangers.
  • Sports equipment – Hulbert has a number of sports facilities, including outdoor tennis courts, outdoor basketball courts, and a playing field for soccer. You are welcome to bring appropriate equipment for using these facilities.

Good things to know:

  • Travel information to Hulbert Outdoor Center is available on the Directions page.
  • When you arrive, come into the Main House by the left-hand door on the front porch to check in. Arrive any time after 4 pm on Friday.
  • Some participants like to bring wine to share at dinners and at the wine and cheese social on Sunday afternoon.
  • The teachers may have CDs, DVDs, and/or books for sale.
  • Dance and song review sessions on Monday begin at 9 am, followed by lunch from noon till 12:45 pm. Plan to vacate your room before 10 am (when the housekeeping crew arrives), and to depart from camp by 1 pm.
  • The emergency phone numbers for Hulbert Outdoor Center are: 802-333-3431 to leave a message, 802-333-3405 to page a member of the staff who can then contact us.

Some Hulbert Outdoor Center rules:

  • No pets.
  • Rooms cannot be locked. Please leave your valuables at home or lock them in your car.
  • No smoking in any camp buildings. If you smoke outside, please use “butt cans” and be sensitive to possible dry conditions.
  • No illegal substances.
  • Vermont state law prohibits drinking alcoholic beverages for those under age 21.
  • No open fires except in the fireplaces.
  • After the nightly dance parties are over at 11 pm, please respect people’s need for quiet time to sleep.
  • Participants who bring children are responsible for their children at all times.
  • The camp is near a lake, a main road, and the woods. Do not let children wander away without an appropriate escort.