Dance & Music Series

Tuesday, July 23:  Dancing on the Greenway: International Folk Dancing with Taylor Yeracaris and Janet Yeracaris (Boston, MA)

Thursday, July 25:   Thursday Night Folk Dancing (Arlington, MA)

Special Events

Saturday, September 14:  Film: "My Borrowed Heritage" rebroadcast (online) with Efie Derksen and Hans Derksen

Camps and Tours

August 30 - September 3:   Labor Day Weekend at Pinewoods (Plymouth, MA) Registration is full - contact FAC to get on the waitlist

October 12 - 14:   Oktoberfest Weekend at Potash Hill (Marlboro, VT)

June 2025:    Pinewoods International Sessions (Plymouth, MA)

  • Tour to Czech Republic 2016
    Tour to Czech Republic 2016
  • Audrey Knuth: Långdans Från Sollerön
    Audrey Knuth: Långdans Från Sollerön
  • Robert Penny: Scottish air “Calum Squire”
    Robert Penny: “Calum Squire”
  • Tom Pixton: Bodavalsen
    Tom Pixton: Bodavalsen
  • Pinewoods Band: Niška Banja
    Pinewoods Band: Niška Banja
  • Patrick Yacono: Chopin/Eleno Mome
    Patrick Yacono: Chopin/Eleno Mome
  • Lois Shapiro, pianist
    Lois Shapiro, pianist
  • Balkan Music Night 2018
    Balkan Music Night 2018
  • Sasi Ardiak at Pinewoods, 2018
  • Baykal Doğan, drum virtuoso
  • Brian Wilson plays polska tunes
  • Balkan Music Night 2019
  • Pinewoods 2015
  • Expand your mind