Šani Rifati

Romani Dance Workshops

Saturday, July 18, 2020

First Workshop: 2:00pm EDT
Second Workshop: 3:00pm EDT

Online via Zoom on your nearest web browser or device!

To benefit the Folk Arts Center of New England

Romani activist and dance teacher Šani Rifati will present a variety of dances via Zoom, the popular teleconferencing platform.

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Please donate generously to FAC and help us through this period of social distancing when all of our events are postponed. We suggest a $10 minimum for attending this workshop but any and all contributions will be greatly appreciated. Thank you for supporting the Folk Arts Center of New England!

Šani Rifati is a human rights activist and the President of Voice of Roma. A native Roma himself, he was born in Priština, Yugoslavia, present-day Kosovo. Šani Rifati has lived and worked in California, and since 2012 resides in Berlin, Germany.

A dancer and choreographer, he was a member of the dance group Kheljen Roma, and is a cousin of the late Macedonian Roma singer Esma Redzhepova.

Šani takes part in shows as a Roma dancer and musician, has volunteered since 2012 as a Roma-dance teacher at the refugee dance group Heimatsterne of the Arbeitsgruppe Flucht+Menschenrechte in Berlin, and has organized cultural seminars. He presently works with children and youth for Zirkus Cabuwazi.

He appeared on the History Channel’s program Curse on the Gypsies.

Download a list of the dances taught at this workshop.