Live Music Dance Workshop

Popular dances with live music and commentary

with Tom Pixton and Julia Poirier

Saturday, May 2, 2020
2:00-4:00pm EDT

Online via Zoom

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About the Presentation

Join Tom Pixton (accordion, vocals), Julia Poirier (guitar, vocals) and the Folk Arts Center as we present our first live music dance workshop of the socially distanced era via Zoom, the popular teleconferencing platform.

About Tom and Julia

Tom and Julia have been playing for International Folk Dance for more than twenty years. In this workshop, they’ll play some of your favorite dances and provide some commentary on playing for dance. To respect social distancing, they will be in different locations in the same studio, connected to a common audio mix to avoid latency.

The Program

This workshop is intended for the general IFD audience, but will include comments and insights on live music performance practice. The repertoire will be drawn mostly from the Pinewoods International Collection, available at the FAC online Music Store.


  1. Pinosavka
  2. Narino
  3. Gori More
  4. Pajduško
  5. Mom Bar
  6. Sandansko
  7. Erev Ba
  8. Branle de la Fosse aux Loups
  9. Somogyi Karikázo
  10. Tino Mori
  11. Sedi Donka
  12. Hora de la Soroca
  13. Kostursko
  14. Devetorka
  15. Hora Miresii
  16. Kalamatiano
  17. Fatiše Kolo
  18. Dospatsko
  19. Rustemul
  20. Karamfil
  21. Dobrudžanska Reka
  22. Lesnoto

List of dances and leaders

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