Mostly Waltz for Boston

2021–2022 Season

Next Dance:

February 20, 2022
(postponed from January 9)

Music by Mary Lea and Kate Barnes

We're excited to welcome Mary Lea and Kate Barnes back to play for us in Concord, currently scheduled for Sunday, January 9th. For the dance lesson, Diane and Tom will teach a few of the other dances we typically do, e.g. schottis, polka, and a fun one-step sequence dance, Gypsy Wine. As of now, the dance is still on, but it's possible we still might cancel it, so be sure to look for updates to confirm that the dance is happening (or not) before coming!

November 28, 2021

Music by Peregrine Road: Rachel Bell (accordion, vocals) and Karen Axelrod (piano, accordion)

Dance lesson with Tom Roby and Diane Gonzales: Metamora Waltz. Tom and Diane will teach Metamora Waltz, a lovely choreography by Richard Powers, whose components work equally well for free-style waltzing.

October 24, 2021

Music by Larry Unger (guitar, banjo) and Julie Metcalf (fiddle)

Dance lesson with Diane Gonzales: line dances for polka, swing, tango and cross-step waltz. These are solo dances that can be done spaced apart; no partner required.

Upcoming 2022 Schedule

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