Mostly Waltz for Boston

Covid Protocols

  • Vaccinations
    All attendees must be fully vaccinated, and boosted if eligible “Fully vaccinated” is defined as having finished the initial two shot sequence (or one shot if it was from J&J) plus two weeks. “Boosted” is one additional vaccination. We are not requiring the booster any earlier than six months after the initial sequence of vaccines.
  • Masks must be worn
    You must wear a good quality and well fitting mask at all times in the hall, covering your nose and mouth (except when hydrating).
  • Please do not attend if you are feeling ill
    or if you are experiencing any COVID symptoms, or have been exposed, or have tested positive (until the CDC defined period of increased vigilance has passed, typically 10 days).
  • Ventilation
    Windows lining both sides of the hall will be open, and we run the rooftop exhaust fan to draw in fresh air from outside and exhaust air up and out through the roof (except during the winter months when the cupola is sealed up). Please dress for the weather.
  • Contact tracing
    Email address is required. If you test positive in the week following the dance, please let us know. We will notify all attendees via email that someone tested positive. Your identity will be kept anonymous.
  • Testing
    If during the past week you've been somewhere community transmission levels are high, please test yourself before coming to the dance! This is a great way to help keep everyone safe, especially if you have attended large gatherings or have traveled within the last week or two.
  • Wristbands
    To accommodate different comfort levels with mixing, we will use wrist bands to indicate:
    Red - I'm dancing only with my partner or just listening.
  • Attendance will be capped
    You can reserve a space in advance by emailing Mostly Waltz Boston. Walk-ins are allowed, space permitting.