June 5, 2021

"Pandemic Dances" Workshop

with Lee Otterholt

2–4pm EDT

online via Zoom
in conjunction with June Camp

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About the Saturday Afternoon Workshop

Lee Otterholt usually leads folk dance tours and often picks up new dances on these trips, but with all the tours cancelled because of the pandemic he had to think differently, so he found new music and choreographed eight diverse dances to these melodies during the pandemic.
During Saturday’s workshop, Lee will present four of his new choreographies that are contained in a package he is calling his “Pandemic Dances.” The other dances will be taught at his Friday afternoon workshop during June Camp. For a complete schedule, go to the June Camp website.

Saturday’s Program

  • Charoumeni Mykonos - a joyous fast dance with music composed by Lee; debuted at June Camp 2021
  • Vitaya Beryoza - a women’s dance using typical Russian steps and movement, that gets faster and faster as it progresses; debuted at June Camp 2021
  • S’ Agapo - a Hassapiko-style dance done to a song which means “I Love You;” presented at the 2021 Laguna/San Antonio Spring Festival
  • Norwegian Lament - a couple mixer based loosely on a “pols” step, to music Lee composed which expresses both his feelings toward Norway (where he lived for 27 years) and his sorrow over the ravages of the pandemic; debuted at June Camp 2021.

About Lee

Lee Otterholt is a master teacher of International Folk Dance, teaching at workshops, festivals and seminars all over the USA and Canada. He is a leader of folk dance tours all over the world and leads and performs with the International Folk Dance ensemble SYRTAKI. He is also the lead singer in the International Folk Dance Band Sans Frontieres and the BalkanBeat band Zimzala.

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