International Dance Workshop

with Caspar Bik

Saturday, April 10: 2:00 – 4:00pm EDT

Online via Zoom

Free and easy registration at the NFO Conference site.

About Caspar

Raised in an amateur folk dancing family, Caspar Bik has performed with many international and Dutch folk dance groups. As a dancer Caspar loves diversity, not only within folk dance, but in different dance genres as well, leading him to take courses in ballroom dancing, tap dance, eurythmy and classical ballet. But always (international) folk dancing was his primary interest.

Caspar has worked with many ensembles as a performer, choreographer and artistic director, including Mladost (Bulgarian), Hayde (Turkish), and Holland Express (Dutch). As a dance teacher he works in diverse fields: teaching in a secondary school; creating stage musical productions for kids and teenagers with voice and drama teachers; teaching workshops at events internationally; as a guest teacher in the Dance Teacher department at Codarts; and as the primary teacher of a newly founded 2-year part-time teacher program in the Netherlands.

Diversity is the main aspect that inspires Caspar as a dancer and as a teacher. Teaching many different styles at many different levels at many different places is what gives indefinite inspiration. The differences provide knowledge and perspective. "The variety of every dance style, dance group, or even individual dancers is key to why dancing will always be interesting and new. That's what international folk dancing is about, right?

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