Boston Harbor Scottish Fiddle School
2020 Online Reunion

Sunday, August 9, 2020

To benefit the Folk Arts Center of New England

Join 13 of BHSFS’s illustrious staff members joined together to revel and make music with the community that was formed over 17 August weeks on Thompson Island in Boston Harbor.


  • Gregor Borland
  • Sandy Brechin
  • Pete Clark
  • Gordon Gunn
  • Anne Hooper
  • Dougie Lawrence
  • Troy MacGillivray
  • Katie McNally
  • Barbara and Robert McOwen
  • Calum Pasqua
  • Patsy Reid
  • Anna-Wendy Stevenson

There were four 30-minute sessions; each consisted of a variety of classrooms with one teacher featured in each class. The afternoon ended with a memorable session for everyone!

There was no charge to attend the reunion, but the Folk Arts Center of New England, in our ongoing efforts to support the artists who make our programs so vibrant, would greatly appreciate any financial support you can give! If you are able to contribute, please click the link below.

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