Map and directions

Pinewoods Camp, Inc., 80 Cornish Field Road, Plymouth, Massachusetts

Driving directions to Pinewoods

Parking space is limited at Pinewoods Camp; please carpool if possible. Allow extra time for rush hour and weekend travel. In consideration of Pinewoods' neighbors, please use the Halfway Pond Road approach to camp as described here, rather than the approach given from Route 3 by GoogleMaps or MapQuest. Do not trust online mapping services or your GPS to give you correct routes to Pinewoods Camp. Many of the nearby roads shown on maps do not connect to one another, and some go across private property. West Long Pond Road is the only access to Cornish Field Road and Pinewoods Camp!

From the Boston, MA area (1-1.5 hours):

  • Take Exit 3: Pinehills, Clark Road, Long Pond (7.3 miles south of the Route 44 and Plymouth exit).
  • Turn right at the end of the ramp onto Clark Road; continue .2 mile to the stop sign.
    Turn left onto Long Pond Road; go 1.7 miles (observing the 35 mph speed limit) to Halfway Pond Road on the right.
  • Turn right onto Halfway Pond Road; go .8 mile (past a small white church on the left).
  • Take the next right (north) onto West Long Pond Road (a wide dirt road); go .5 mile to Cornish Field Road on the right (across from a group of mailboxes). On the right, shortly before Cornish Field Road, there is a large painted wood sign for “Pinewoods Camp” on a tall tree stump.
  • Turn right onto Cornish Field Road (a narrow dirt road); continue .3 mile into camp.

Download the above driving directions for the last 3.5 miles to Pinewoods Camp from Route 3.

For more information, including options for getting to Pinewoods by bus, train, taxi, and airport shuttle, see the Pinewoods Camp website’s Directions page.