FAC International Pinewoods sessions

Folk dance and music Weekend and FolkDays, June 21–28, 2018

Pinewoods Camp, Plymouth, Massachusetts

Weekend: 3 pm Thursday–10 am Monday, June 21–25
FolkDays: 3 pm Monday–10 am Thursday, June 25–28
Both Sessions: 3 pm Thursday–10 am Thursday, June 21–28

Featured were:
Stephen and Susan Kotansky, teaching dances from the Balkans
plus additional expert leaders teaching workshops in music and dance favorites

Music by The Pinewoods Band, directed by Tom Pixton

Many thanks to everyone who made the 2018 Weekend and FolkDays such a wonderful experience!

FAC’s International Pinewoods sessions offer folk dance workshops by guest teachers, evening folk dance parties with music by The Pinewoods Band, music classes, jam sessions, late-night festivities, and various special events amid the lovely pine forests of Pinewoods Camp. Campers enjoy the waterfront on two clear ponds, and stay in rustic screened cabins and cottages on the wooded hills and shores.

Background photography: Sue Flint