Folk Arts Center of New England leadership

The Folk Arts Center of New England is run by the FAC Executive Director, Program Manager, Board of Directors, and coordinators of events and projects.


Marcie Van Cleave, Executive Director (since 1988)


Conny Taylor (b. 1921 – d. 2006)
Marianne Patterson Taylor (b. 1930 – d. 2008)

FAC 2018 Board of Directors

Carolyn Ramm (president), Newburyport, MA
Carl Lazarus (vice president), Newton, MA
David Salstein (treasurer), Newton, MA
Jim Madigan (secretary), Somerville, MA
Alex Cumming, Medford, MA
Kathy Hagelston, Arlington, MA
Lauren Ingram, Boston, MA
Elizabeth MacLachlan, Jamaica Plain, MA
Janet Nelson, Winchester, MA
Yaron Shragai, Waltham, MA
Harsh Singh, Arlington, MA

The Folk Arts Center of New England’s co-founders Conny and Marianne Taylor started their first weekly international folk dance series on Wednesdays in July 1955 at the Cambridge YWCA’s Hannum Hall in Central Square. The series switched to Thursdays the following year, then added Fridays in 1960.