Staff at FAC International Pinewoods sessions

Folk dance and music Weekend and FolkDays, June 25–July 2, 2020

The staff for 2020 will be announced later this year. Listed below is the 2019 staff.


Ahmet Lüleci, teaching Turkish dances: Ahmet is a native of Turkey, and is respected as an accomplished dance teacher, choreographer, and performer. In addition, he is a researcher of Anatolian culture and the artistic director of the Boston-based Collage Dance Ensemble. All of these attributes support his goal of making folk dance and music accessible to a wide audience. Since arriving in North America in 1985, Ahmet has taught in workshops and at camps throughout the United States and Canada, as well as in the Far East, Europe, and South America. He has set innumerable suites of dances for the stage, working with dance organizations around the world. 

Ahmet’s college major was music, specializing in voice. Just as his love of folksongs guided him toward academic study of music, his fascination with dance led him to conduct scholarly research into the historical, social, and cultural background of the costumes and spoon dances from Turkey’s Mediterranean coast. His efforts resulted in an exhaustive study for which he was awarded first place in a national competition in research on the folkdances of Turkey by the Turkish Ministry of Youth, Sports, and Education.

Jonathan Burke, teaching Rueda de Casino dancing: Jonathan is a dance instructor, performer, and choreographer, originally from Boston and now living in the Washington, DC area. He began his training in 2013 and focuses on Cuban popular and folkloric dance, studying with knowledgeable Cuban masters in order to gain deeper understanding of the dances and styles.

Jonathan has trained with members of Cuba’s renowned “Raices Profundas” as well as members of Havana’s “Viadanza” (formerly “Danza Chevere”). He has also studied and worked with several dance companies that cover a broader spectrum of Latin dance, the most recent being the Boston area’s Masacote Entertainment. As an instructor, choreographer, and performer, Jonathan has traveled all around the United States and Cuba, and has collaborated with other dancers and companies to bring Cuban culture to the stage.

We also had additional expert leaders teaching workshops in music and dance favorites.


Live music at all of the evening dance parties

Administrative staff

Marcie Van Cleave, FAC Executive Director
Sue Flint, volunteer International Pinewoods coordinator