Staff at FAC International Pinewoods 2017

Baykal Doğan, teaching dances from the Balkans and the Caucasus, and drumming classes: Born in Turkey and living in the Netherlands, Baykal came to FAC’s Oktoberfest ’16 highly recommended by Maurits van Geel, who recruited him for Internationaal Danstheater in Amsterdam in 2001 as a dancer, choreographer, and musician. Baykal has a passion for teaching non-professional dancers and for playing traditional percussion instruments. We are very pleased to welcome him back to FAC for Pinewoods!

Michèle Champseix, teaching traditional and popular dances from France: Michèle has been enjoying, dancing, and teaching French dance repertoire for more than 30 years. She trained with Yvon Guilcher (who is a friend of Roo Lester, and who recommended her for our camp this summer) and has been collaborating with him throughout the years. She is a member of the ADP (L’Atelier de la Danse Populaire), an association that gathers musicians, dancers, and researchers in their efforts to learn and disseminate historical, popular, and traditional French dances. During our classes and evening parties, Michèle will be accompanied by Gabriele Coltri on bagpipe – cornemuse du centre France (also called musette). Bienvenue to FAC Pinewoods, Michèle and Gabriele!

Gabriele Coltri, born in northeast Italy and now living in Milan, is a multi-talented musician who has studied the organ, recorders, and various types of bagpipes. His 30 years of researching and playing the central France musette and cabrette bagpipes have resulted in his being in high demand as a collaborator with well-regarded dance teachers. Gabriele has played in a Venetian folk revival band for 24 years, and is the co-founder and artistic director of the French musette pipe band Piccola Banda di Cornamuse. He is very excited to be coming to FAC Pinewoods, and looks forward to playing for our dancing pleasure!

The Pinewoods Band, led by Tom Pixton, showcases the diverse talents of an eclectic and spirited group that has been playing international folk dance music throughout the US since 1991. Tom, Barbara Pixton, Susan Worland, Patrick Yacono, Ralph Iverson, Julia Poirier, David Skidmore, and Brian Wilson share with us their energy and amazing repertoire (from Romanian to Ragtime) at all the evening folk dance parties.

During each FAC camp session, expert musicians lead singing, rhythm, or instrumental workshops for all ability levels, continuing the FAC Pinewoods tradition of making wonderful music together.