Scandinavian Sundays schedule

Park Avenue Congregational Church parish hall, 50 Paul Revere Road at Park Avenue, Arlington Heights, Arlington, Massachusetts

1:30–2:15 pm… Musicians Workshop for all instruments, led by Bruce Sagan and others
2:15–3:00 pm… Dance Workshop for all levels, taught by Tom Roby, Laura Stern, Jeremy Carter-Gordon, and others
3:00–5:00 pm… Dancing for all to live music

Download the fall 2018 Scandinavian Sundays schedule flier.

Fall 2018 schedule

September 16, 2018
Music by Bruce Sagan and Brian Wilson
Dance Workshop: Tom Roby and Laura Stern teach the basics of Swedish polskas, focusing on the Bingsjö Polska, with tips for improving your turning in all such dances, including Hambo

October 21, 2018
Music by Bruce Sagan and Marilyn Butler

November 18, 2018
Music by lydia ievins and Andrea Larson, Loretta Kelley

December 16, 2018
Music by Bruce Sagan and Brian Wilson