Staff at Cape Breton Music and Dance Weekend at Pinewoods 2017

For FAC’s second Cape Breton Music and Dance Weekend at Pinewoods, we are excited to present Troy, Kendra, and Sabra MacGillivray, heirs of families that have been proprietors of the Gaelic tradition in North Eastern Nova Scotia for generations; and Elizabeth Anderson, a popular and accomplished Boston-area fiddle teacher and performer.

Whether playing piano or fiddle or showcasing his stepdancing ability, Troy MacGillivray displays his pride in and commitment to his Celtic heritage. A virtuosic musician and dynamic performer, his award-winning music continues to add to the history and development of the traditional music of the Maritimes.

A two-time winner of prestigious East Coast Music Awards, Kendra MacGillivray brings fiddle music to life with her incredibly energetic performances. As a former Highland dancer, Kendra aims to make her fiddling lively and danceable with upbeat jigs, polkas, and hornpipes, beautiful swaying waltzes and slow airs, or selections of rhythmic strathspeys and reels that build in speed and intensity. Kendra has showcased at some of the foremost Celtic festivals in Canada, and has headlined at Roots and Blues festivals, folk festivals, and Highland games as well.

Acclaimed percussionist and dancer Sabra MacGillivray is one of Atlantic Canada’s leading ambassadors of Highland and Scottish step dancing. She is a champion Highland dancer, a stellar step dancer, and an award-winning choreographer, combining movements that she has learned in Cape Breton step, Highland, Irish, and Flamenco. Sabra continues to share her love for dance, culture, and tradition through her instructional step dancing DVD, Gaelic in the Feet, and through a CD project with Troy, Highland Dancing Music from Nova Scotia.

Elizabeth Anderson grew up in the Boston Scottish and Cape Breton fiddle community, and has gone on to earn a degree in music education from Berklee College of Music. She is the 2016 Perth All-Scotland Fiddle Champion and has won numerous awards at the New England Regional and U.S. National Scottish fiddle competitions. She performs with her Scottish fiddle/cello duo, Elizabeth and Ben Anderson, who recently completed their first international tour to Scotland and France. Elizabeth is a regular teacher at Maine Fiddle Camp and class musician at Scottish Pinewoods sessions, and was named as one of 2016’s Top 12 Violin Teachers in Boston by