The Dancehall Players, Trevor Monson

Unexpected Dances


A Collaboration with Trevor Monson


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Unexpected Dances: A Collaboration with Trevor Monson,  The Dancehall Players (2020)

About the Band

Started in Victoria in 2001 by Ann Schau and Dan Page, The Dancehall Players is now a six-member ensemble of musicians and composers specializing in English Country Dance music. The Dancehall Players have recorded six CDs. Instruments include piano, violins, flute, recorders, guitar, banjo, mandolin, cello, melodion and percussion.


  1. The Star of Kintra
  2. The Bold Robber
  3. Colin’s BMX
  4. A Promise Kept
  5. An Opportunity Lost
  6. Hide and Seek
  7. Valley of the Moonlight
  8. The Whistling Paperboy
  9. Meillionen
  10. Lover’s Luck
  11. Abbey Reflection
  12. Catherine’s Other Quilt
  13. Rich Delights
  14. Parson Upon Dorothy
  15. The Unexpected Waltz
  16. Gambols
  17. Trip to Provence