The Dancehall Players

An Evening at Dan’s Hall


original tunes by The Dancehall Players


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An Evening at Dan’s Hall,  The Dancehall Players (2018)

About the Band

Started in Victoria in 2001 by Ann Schau and Dan Page, The Dancehall Players is now a six-member ensemble of musicians and composers specializing in English Country Dance music. The Dancehall Players have recorded six CDs. Instruments include piano, violins, flute, recorders, guitar, banjo, mandolin, cello, melodion and percussion.


  1. Danse Joyeuse
  2. The Accomplished Maid (Miss Grace Hayes’ Delight)
  3. Blackheath
  4. St. Margaret’s Hill
  5. A Minor Slip Jig
  6. Jordan’s Shore (Dolphins in the Sound)
  7. Waltz for Rosemary (Serenity)
  8. Walton Abbey
  9. Anyone’s Waltz / Fresh Aire
  10. Love For Three Generations (Atossa’s Gift)
  11. Banish Misfortune
  12. The Dancing Wife (Pell Mell)
  13. Unrequited Love
  14. Sally in Our Alley
  15. Highland Lilt (The Haymakers)
  16. Whileaway Waltz / A Summer’s Day
  17. Tom Kruskal’s (Sapphire Sea)