The Dancehall Players

Out of the Silence


A Collaboration with Trevor Monson


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Out of the Silence: New Music by  The Dancehall Players (2021)

About the Band

Started in Victoria in 2001 by Ann Schau and Dan Page, The Dancehall Players is now a six-member ensemble of musicians and composers specializing in English Country Dance music. The Dancehall Players have recorded six CDs. Instruments include piano, violins, flute, recorders, guitar, banjo, mandolin, cello, melodion and percussion.


  1. A Dream of Dancing
  2. The Stay At Home Blues
  3. Flattening The Curve
  4. Green Leaves Of Spring
  5. Another Windswept Day
  6. From A Distance
  7. It’s Positive To Be Negative
  8. Here’s To Dr. Bonnie
  9. Dunsmuir Road Hornpipe
  10. Toward A New World
  11. Red-Tailed Hawk
  12. Clearing Skies Ahead