Tom Pixton

The Music Man: Behind the Accordion

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aired April 14, 2022


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The Music Man: Behind the Accordion with Tom Pixton

Part of our Thursday evening SOFA Series presentations, find the program listings online.

About the Program

This evening Tom will share with us some of the influences and events that have shaped his life and career(s), from childhood memories through adult fascinations. Photos, videos, and anecdotes – join us as we delve into the personal history of the director of the Pinewoods Band!

About Tom

Publisher of the Pinewoods International Collection and Revels performer, Tom is also well known as an accordionist and band leader for international, Balkan, and Scottish dancing. He learned to play piano and use the tools in his father’s workshop at a young age. He grew up with folk song and world music records, learned French as a child in Morocco, and, having discovered the harpsichord at age 13, spent the late 70s and early 80s producing these instruments for sale. After being dragged into international folk dancing, Tom soon became captivated by the accordion; seeking out authentic (rather than state-produced) folk music led him to learn Romanian in order to go on ethnographic research field trips in Romania. For more about Tom, check out his website.

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