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French-Canadian Songs and Dances for Children — CD



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French-Canadian Songs and Dances for Children, with songs selected and adapted by France Bourque -Moreau

This CD, of marvelous children’s songs, is the companion to the Book by France Bourque-Moreau “Danse, mon coeur danse” which has finally been released in English! Thanks to a grant from the National Folk Organization, France was able to translate her 1999 French language book into English and now they are printed and her collection of French-Canadian rounds, action songs, and simple dances for children are calling to us! You may purchase the book here.

Musical direction: Richard Forest (fiddle), accompanied by Sabin Jacques (accordion), and Mario Loiselle (piano) and more than a dozen guest singers and instrumentalists.

Both the book and the CD include the following:

  1. La petite boiteuse
  2. L’omelette au lard
  3. La vieille Bastringue
  4. Que sais-tu bien faire
  5. Valse de l’amitié
  6. La noce des oiseaux
  7. Cassons les oeufs
  8. Les Saluts
  9. Lundi, jour de lavage
  10. Marion danse
  11. Un air trompeur
  12. La petite souris grise
  13. La laine des moutons
  14. La danse des mouchoirs
  15. Jeu à trois
  16. Bien travailler

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