Lee Otterholt

“Pandemic Dances” (June Camp 2021)

audio download, syllabi, video download

aired June 5, 2021

Music and syllabi: $20
Videos: $25
Full package: $45


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Digital files for five dances from Lee’s “Pandemic Dances” online workshops on June 4-5, 2021 as part of June Camp 2021.

  • Music & syllabi: $20
  • videos: $25 (both teaching and dancing)
  • whole package: $45

Dances included

  1. Grada se Gradi (Bulgarian)
  2. Gradel Ilija Manastir (Macedonian)
  3. Domot Moj (Macedonian)
  4. Kraj Manastirot (Macedonian)
  5. Charoumeni Mykonos (Greek)
  6. S’ Agapo (Greek)
  7. Vitaya Beryoza (Russian)
  8. Norwegian Lament (Norwegian)

About the Dances

Lee usually leads folk dance tours and often picks up new dances on these trips, but with all the tours cancelled because of the pandemic he had to think differently, so he found new music and choreographed eight diverse dances to these melodies during the pandemic. He is calling them his “Pandemic Dances.”

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