Lee Otterholt

Balkan Dances (July 2020)

workshop materials

Music and syllabi: $15
Videos: $20
Full package: $35

aired July 25, 2020


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Materials from Lee Otterholt’s Balkan dance workshop that aired July 25, 2020, part of FAC’s online Saturday workshop series.

Music and syllabi: $15
Videos: $20
Full package: $35

Dances included:

  • DOMOT MOJ (Macedonia)
  • KRAJ MANASTIROT (Macedonia)
  • ORO VLASHKA (Serbian Vlach)
  • VALLE E ISUF ARAPI (Albania)

About the dances:

  1. DOMOT MOJ (Macedonia) “Pronunciation: ‘DOH-mot moy,’ translation: ‘My home.’ A Macedonian-style men’s dance in 7/8 (2,2,1,2) rhythm choreographed by Lee Otterholt.”
  2. KRAJ MANASTIROT (Macedonia) “Pronunciation: ‘kraj MAH-nah-stee-roht,’ translation: ‘Near the Monastery.’ Lee Otterholt put Macedonian/Bulgarian women’s steps to this Macedonian melody ‘Oro se Vie Kraj Manastirot.’ A womens’ dance with graceful swaying from side to side.”
  3. ORO VLASHKA (Serbian Vlach) “ ’Oro vlaška’ is, as the name implies a “Vlach dance.” The Vlach people, who speak a Romanian dialect, (the name “Vlach” derives from Wallachia, an old term for a region of southern Romania) live as an ethnic minority in parts of Greece, Bulgaria and the former Yugoslavia, especially Serbia. I put these three steps, which I learned dancing with various Vlach people in Serbia in the late 1970’s, to this music. You could use many different Vlach melodies for this dance. (A similar dance, named ‘Vlaško oro’ has also previously been taught to this same music. I was unaware of this dance when I found this music and put these steps to it. My apologies to anyone who still remembers and loves this other choreography for any confusion this might cause!) Style: Almost comically energetic.”
  4. VALLE E ISUF ARAPI (Albania) “Translation: Isuf’s Arapi Dance. Isuf is a name. Arapi (Arapit) is a national park in the Northern part of Albania. I learned this dance from both Bardhi Pojani and Mea Nordenfeldt.”

About Lee

Lee Otterholt is a master teacher of International Folk Dance, teaching at workshops, festivals and seminars all over the USA and Canada. He is a leader of folk dance tours all over the world and leads and performs with the International Folk Dance ensemble SYRTAKI. He is also the lead singer in the International Folk Dance Band Sans Frontieres and the BalkanBeat band Zimzala.

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