The Dancehall Players

Out of the Silence Vol. 2



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Out of the Silence Volume 2 by  The Dancehall Players (2022)

About the Band

Started in Victoria in 2001 by Ann Schau and Dan Page, The Dancehall Players is now a six-member ensemble of musicians and composers specializing in English Country Dance music. The Dancehall Players have recorded six CDs. Instruments include piano, violins, flute, recorders, guitar, banjo, mandolin, cello, melodion and percussion.

The Dancehall Players: Gregory Brown: flute, guitar, mandolin;Susan Larkin: violin, recorders, vocals; Ann Schau: piano, vocals; Barrie Webster: cello, banjo; Lael Whitehead: recorders, melodion, percussion, vocals, guitar; with special guest Adam Iredale-Gray, violin


  1. Gum Wrappers Drifting in the Wind
  2. Budding Fig Tree
  3. Waltz for Jen
  4. Noonday Serenade
  5. Waiting For Spring
  6. Autumn Prayer
  7. Sweet Lily
  8. Snowdrops
  9. Smoky Skies
  10. Wakin’ Up With The Birds
  11. The Sawyer’s Delight
  12. I Must Be Away
  13. Lotus Land Rambles
  14. Farewell Jig
  15. Quiet Days
  16. The Day Will Come
  17. Moss Rocks Lullaby / Prayer For Gaia