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Music From Mill Hollow (CD and book)

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Music from Mill Hollow CD and Tune Book – an album of Randy Miller’s original tune compositions

About the tune book: “2023 marks 50 years since I moved to New Hampshire, so it seemed like an auspicious time to gather all the 43 tunes in the traditional style I’ve composed (over five decades!) into one collection, and to name it after this lovely and inspiring neck of the woods I call home. The result is Music from Mill Hollow, a a 65-page spiral bound book. The 43 tunes include 25 reels, 5 jigs, 4 polkas, 3 waltzes, 2 hornpipes, a strathspey, an air, a barndance and one march. The book includes sheet music, chords for all the tunes, notes on the tunes, photos, and 40 of my original wood engravings.

Music from Mill Hollow is my CD album of 43 original tunes I’ve composed over a span of 50 years. I play each tune just a few times through, just enough to convey the idea of the tune. I play fiddle, accordion, and piano, both melody and backup.”

–Randy Miller


  1. Floating Hawks
  2. Fairy Fire
  3. Basket of Yarn
  4. The Tinker Barn
  5. Sheep in the Meadow
  6. Will’s Jig
  7. Around the Lake/No Grain, No Pain
  8. Kilmelford Strathspey/Harvey’s Heritage Reel
  9. Border Collie
  10. Amaranth Waltz
  11. Big Papi’s Reel
  12. The Rambles of Bach
  13. How Many Miles to Boston Town/Bitter Batter
  14. The Forest Road
  15. Tour of Scotland
  16. The Furnituremaker
  17. The Pubs of Ennis
  18. Bonaparte Crossing the Ages
  19. Waltz for a Glass Armonica
  20. Owen’s Reel
  21. Metacomet’s March
  22. Valley of the Elves
  23. Second Saturday
  24. The Drystone Wall
  25. Tullich Farm
  26. Linnet’s Reel
  27. Piper’s Waltz
  28. Mill Hollow Reel
  29. For Those Who Have Passed
  30. Randy’s Chorus Jig
  31. Kendra’s Reel
  32. Controco Hornpipe
  33. Quoin of the Realm
  34. Doorway to Love
  35. The Fiddler’s Throne
  36. Babe’s Polka/Nearly Done
  37. The Iron Latch
  38. Queen of Sheba Departs/Queen of Sheba Arrives