Susan Songer with Clyde Curley

The Portland Collection (Vol 1, revised edition)


Contra Dance Music in the Pacific Northwest


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The Portland Collection: Vol. 1  Contra Dance Music Form the Pacific Northwest, 318 tunes

by Susan Songer with Clyde Curley ( 2011 (Rev. Ed.); 1997 (1st Ed.))

List of Titles and Alternate Titles

Abe’s Retreat
Accordéonistes, Reel des
All the Rage
All the Way to Galway
Atholl Highlanders
Aveugle, Le Reel see Blind Man’s Reel, The
Bad Hair
Banks of the Allan, The
Banshee, The
Basket of Yarn
Bay of Fundy
Béatrice, Reel
Been to the East, Been to the West
Behind the Bush in the Garden
Belle Catherine, La
Benton’s Dream
Bert Ferguson
Biddy from Sligo
Big Liza Jane
Bill Collins’ Jig
Billy Church Memorial Breakdown, The
Black Cat (reel), The
Black Cat Jig, The
Blackberry Blossoms
Blackmountain Jig see Reunion Jig
Blair Atholl
Blind Man’s Reel, The
Bluejay, The
Bonnie Charlie
Boot Shuffle
Boswell’s Fancy
Bottom of the Punchbowl, The
Bouchard’s Hornpipe
Bowser I see Mrs. Monroe’s Jig
Bowser II see Grey Buck, The
Boy in the Gap, The
Boy’s Lament for his Dragon, The
Boys of Ballycastle, The
Boys of Tandragee, The
Brenda Stubbert’s
Briarpicker Brown
Buck Mountain
Bumblebee in a Jug
Bummer’s Reel see Levantine’s BarrelBundle and Go
Burnt Old Man, The
Bus Stop Reel
Cairin’ O’t, The
Cakewalk see Eli Greene’s Cakewalk
Calliope House
Campbell River Jig
Campbells Are Coming, The see Burnt Old Man, The
Caribou Reel
Cat on a Leash see Billy Church Memorial Breakdown, The
Chamberlain, The see Rémi, Reel de
Cheat Mountain
Cherry Tree Reel
Cinquième Partie du Caledonia, La
Cliffs of Moher, The
Convenience Reel, The
Cooley’s Reel
Cottage in the Grove
Cotton Baggin’
Courtesan’s Jig
Cowboy Jig, The
Crockett’s Honeymoon
Cultivateur, Le
Curvy Road to Corinth, The
Death Valley Reunion
Deer Walk
Demented Dog, The
Democratic Rage Hornpipe
Devil in the Strawstack
Dinky’s Reel
Doggie on the Carport see Froggie on the Carport
Dominion Reel
Don Tremaine’s Reel
Done Gone
Doon the Brae
Drowsy Maggie
Duck River
Ducks on the Pond
Durang’s Hornpipe
Earl’s Chair, The
Eboulements, Reel des
Eli Greene’s Cakewalk
Elzic’s Farewell
Eugène, Reel
Evil Diane
Evit Gabriel
Fair Jenny’s Jig
Falls of Richmond
Far from Home
Farewell to Tchernobyl
Farmer, The see Cultivateur, Le
Father Kelly’s
Feed her Candy and Tell Her Lies
Festival du Voyageur Reel
Fifth Part of Caledonia, The see Cinquième Partie du Caledonia, La
Flat Footed Henry
Fly Around My Pretty Little Miss see Western Country
Flying Clouds
Forked Deer
Frenchie’s Reel
Froggie on the Carport
Frost is All Over, The
Full Moon Jig
Galen’s Arrival
Gens de la Bastille, Les
Gigue de Terrebonne
Girl I Left Behind Me, The
Glise de Sherbrooke
Gonna Go Hunting for the Buffalo see Hunting the Buffalo
Good for the Tongue
Gordon’s Fiddletunes Jig
Grand Picnic, The
Grande Chaîne, La
Granny Will Your Dog Bite
Grasshopper Sittin’ on a Sweet Potato Vine
Gravel Walk, The
Greasy String
Grey Buck, The
Grub Springs
Hangman’s Reel
Hare, The
Hearty Boys of Ballymoate, The see Bill Collins’ Jig
Heavens to Betsy
Hell Broke Loose in Georgia
High Part of the Road
High Reel, The
High Road to Linton, The
Highlander’s Reel
Hills of Sharon
Hollow Poplar
Home with the Girls in the Morning
Hommage à Edmond Parizeau
Horace Hanesworth
Hôtelier, Reel de see Indian Reel
Hughie Shorty’s Reel
Hundred Pipers
Hungry Rocks, The
Hunting the Buffalo
I Lost My Love see Bundle and Go
Ice on the Road
Idlewild Jig
Indian, The
Indien Quadrille see Indian, The
Irishman’s Heart to the Ladies
It Ain’t the Heat, It’s the Humidity
Jackson’s Morning Brush
Jamie Allen
Jenny’s Gone to Linton see High Road to Linton
Jim’s Jig
Joanie’s Jig
Joe’s Toes see La Belle Catherine
John Bowes
John Brown’s Dream
John Brown’s March
John Campbell’s Trip to Port Townsend
John Howatt’s
John Sharp’s Hornpipe
John Stenson’s #2
Johnny Cope
Johnny, Johnny, Don’t Get Drunk
Judique Flyer, The see Chéticamp
Julia Delaney
Juliann Johnson
Jump at the Sun
Kansas City Reel
Kate and Rose’s
Kesh Jig
Kiss and Make Up
Kittens on Catnip
Kitty McGee
Knock on the Door see Convenience Reel, The
Lads of Laois
Lady Ann Montgomery
Lady of the Lake (D)
Lady of the Lake (G)
Leake County Two Step, The
Leaping Lulu
Leith County Dance see Sailor’s Wife, The
Levantine’s Barrel
Lévis Beaulieu
Lièvre, Reel du
Little Donald in the Pigpen
Little Judique
Liza Jane
Lucy Farr’s Jig see Hungry Rocks, The
MacMahon’s Hornpipe see Banshee, The
Mad Dan
Marcel Martin
March of St. Timothy
Margot’s Surprise
Marmaduke’s Hornpipe
Mason’s Apron, The
Mattawa, Reel de
McLenon’s Reel
Meter Reader see Releveur, Le
Miller’s Maggot
Miller’s Reel
Miss McCloud’s
Miss Monaghan’s
Miss Monroe’s Jig see Mrs. Monroe’s Jig
Miss Shepherd’s Reel
Mississippi Sawyer
Money in Both Pockets
Montréal, Reel de
Moon and Seven Stars, The
Morrison’s Jig
Mouth of the Tobique
Moving Cloud, The
Mrs. Monroe’s Jig
Mug of Brown Ale
Music for a Found Harmonium
Music in the Glen, The
My Darling Asleep
My Marianne
Nail That Catfish to the Tree
Ned Kendall’s Hornpipe
Nixon’s Farewell
North Carolina Breakdown
O’Keefe’s Slide
Old Favorite
Old Flanagan
Old Grey Cat
Old Joe
Old Mother Flanagan
Olive Branch Hornpipe see Reconciliation, The
One-Horned Sheep
Onions, Reel des
Out on the Ocean
Over the Moor to Maggie see Waynesboro
Oyster River Hornpipe
Paddy Canny’s see Cottage in the Grove
Paddy Fahy’s #1
Paddy on the Landfill
Paddy’s Return
Pam’s Tune
Pat the Budgie Breakdown, The
Patins de Pauline, Les
Pays de Haut
Pêcheur, Reel du see Democratic Rage Hornpipe
Pendu, Reel du see Hangman’s Reel
Père Léon, Reel de
Phoenix, The
Pike’s Peak
Poor Old Woman
Possum Up a Gum Stump
Pretty Peggy
Punters’ Graveyard, The
Quarry Cross, The
Randy Miller’s Reel
Reconciliation, The
Reel Béatrice see Béatrice, Reel
Reel de l’Hôtelier see Indian Reel
Reel de Mattawa see Mattawa, Reel de
Reel de Montréal see Montréal, Reel de
Reel de Père Léon see Père Léon, Reel de
Reel de Rémi see Rémi, Reel de
Reel des Accordéonistes see Accordéonistes, Reel des
Reel des Eboulements see Eboulements, Reel des
Reel des Onions see Onions, Reel des
Reel des Skieurs see Indian Reel
Reel du Lièvre see Lièvre, Reel du
Reel du Pêcheur see Democratic Rage Hornpipe
Reel du Pendu see Hangman’s Reel
Reel Eugène see Eugène, Reel
Reel Saint-Antoine see Saint-Antoine, Reel
Reel Saint-Joseph see Saint-Joseph, Reel
Reel San Simeon see Saint-Antoine, Reel
Reel Ti-Mé see Ti-Mé, Reel
Releveur, Le
Rémi, Reel de
Return to Milltown
Reunion Jig
Reverend Brother’s Jig
Richmond Cotillion
Road to California
Robertson’s Reel
Robin’s Bodhran
Rochester Schottische
Rock the Cradle, Joe
Rocks of Brae, The see Doon the Brae
Round the Horn
Ruffled Drawers
Sackett’s Harbor
Sailor’s Wife, The
Saint-Antoine, Reel
Saint-Joseph, Reel
Saint Simeon see Saint-Antoine, Reel
Saint-Stanislaus, Reel see Saint-Joseph, Reel
Sally Ann Johnson
San Simeon, Reel see Saint-Antoine, Reel
Sandy Boys
Sandy MacIntyre’s Trip to Boston
Sandy River Belles
Sarah’s Jig
Saratoga Hornpipe
Saturday Night Breakdown
Saut du Lapin
Scarce o’ Tatties
Scholar, The
Scollay’s Reel
Seanbhean na gCartai
Seneca Square Dance
Shaalds o’ Foula, Da
Shamrocks in the Galax
She Says She’s Confused
Shenandoah Falls
Ship in Full Sail
Shoes and Stockings
Shoo Fly
Shove That Pig’s Foot a Little Further in the Fire
Silver Spear, The
Skieurs, Reel des see Indian Reel
Skippin’ Cat
Sligo Creek
Snow on Valafield
Southwest Bridge, The
Soweto Slide see Biddy from Sligo
Speed the Plow
Star Above the Garter, The
Star of Munster, The
Stay All Night
Stool of Repentance
Sweet Sixteen see Too Young to Marry
Tater Patch
Tell Her Lies and Feed Her Candy see Feed Her Candy and Tell Her Lies
Ti-Mé, Reel
Tom Billy’s Jig
Tom Billy’s Reel
Tom Morrison’s Reel
Tommy’s Tarbukas
Tone Rowe
Too Young to Marry
Top of Cork Road
Traveller, The see Walker Street
Trip to Ballyshannon
Trip to Durrow
Trip to Sligo
Tripping Up the Stairs
Turning of the Tide, The
28th of January, The
Two Wide Nickels
Union Street Jig