Aaron Alpert

Lots More Than Latkes (December 2021)

video archives, workshop materials

Two resource packages:
1.  Video Package: access to the presentation & recipes
2.  Music Package: music & syllabus

aired December 4, 2021



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Two resource packages, including music & syllabus, and recipes & video from  Aaron Alpert’s Lots More Than Latkes presentation from December 4, 2021.

You might also enjoy materials from Aaron’s Israeli Dance Workshop from August, 2020.

For more cooking fun check out our Thursday evening SOFA Series presentations, find the program listings online.

Video Package ($5):

  1.  Presentation, viewable in our Vimeo archives
  2.  Recipe handout

Music Package (free):

  1.  Sovevuni (chorus)
  2.  Sovevuni (instrumental)
  3.  Syllabus

About the Presentation

To usher in the season of Hanukkah, Aaron presented a variety of traditions related to the Festival of Lights. He guided us in the making of latkes – the classic potato pancake traditionally prepared during Hanukkah. While cooking, he talked about why latkes are a traditional food, and gave other tasty tidbits of information.

About Aaron

Aaron Alpert is an Israeli folk dance specialist who has been dancing his entire life. He began teaching dance and programming events in 2007, and enjoys working with all abilities. He engages with all ages – children, adults, and seniors; his high energy and joy of dancing, whether on Zoom or in-person, shines through. Learn more about Aaron on his website.

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