Ben Koopmanschap, Bianca de Jong, Caspar Bik, Jaap Leegwater, Maurits van Geel, Sibylle Helmer, Tineke van Geel, Wijnand Karel

Dutch Delight: International Dance Showcase

video archives

aired January 15, 2022


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Review videos for the dances that were on the Dutch Delight program on January 15, 2022.

A tutorial video showcase with workshop clips of the dances in the program. The cost of the video will be divided between the participating teachers and the Folk Arts Center.

  • Videos: $20

Dances included

  • Câţi niori, Aroman (Caspar Bik)
  • Tuman Yarom, Russia (Caspar Bik)
  • Tó Milo (Maurits van Geel)
  • Sila kale bal (Maurits van Geel)
  • Athela mou (Maurits van Geel)
  • Mesho Gorani (Tineke van Geel)
  • Kostiláta Thessalías (Tineke van Geel)
  • Bobik dzjour mi era (plus Gyovand) (Tineke van Geel)
  • Ani Kaj Lullije (Sibylle Helmer)
  • Valse écossaise (Sibylle Helmer)
  • An dro roumaneg (Sibylle Helmer)
  • Hemşin Horonu (Bianca de Jong)
  • Horovod (Bianca de Jong)
  • Una aventura mas (Bianca de Jong)
  • Mazurka voor een mus (Wijnand Karel)
  • Grad se Beli (Ben Koopmanschap)
  • Šrvćino Kolo (Ben Koopmanschap)
  • Tankosava (Ben Koopmanschap)
  • Trakijska Râčenica (Jaap Leegwater)
  • Lomska Râčenica (Jaap Leegwater)
  • Kjustendilska Râčenica (Jaap Leegwater)

About the Program

2021 gave us unlimited access to dance leaders from around the world, with myriad workshops to choose from. And did we ever take advantage of those opportunities – to the point where our minds became jumbled with all the new material. This afternoon is designed to give us the opportunity to revisit some of the dances we were introduced to during this past year. Our fearless troup of Dutch teachers will quickly review some of the dances they taught at Folk Arts Center-sponsored workshops over the last twelve months – it will be quite the party! One Zoom room, two hours, and eight leaders reacquainting us with the dances we enjoyed learning – it seems like the perfect way to kick off a new year!

About the presenters

Their names are legendary: Caspar, Sibylle, Bianca, Wijnand, Ben, Jaap, Maurits, Tineke …. we will all be together for an afternoon of top-tier teaching, teasing, and toasting! Thanks to Radboud Koop for helping out behind the scenes and rounding out the afternoon of Dutch Delight.

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