Jaap Leegwater

Bulgarian Dances (November 2020)

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air date November 7, 2020


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A set of 6 music files from Jaap Leegwater’s online Bulgarian dance workshop November 7, 2020.

The following dances are included:

  1. Gabrovska Râčenica (Izgrejala e mesečinka)
  2. Kjustendilska Râčenica (Perniška Râčenica)
  3. Lomska Râčenica (Balkandžijska Râčenica)
  4. Mâdro (Orch. Kusmet)
  5. Povlenka (Orch. Kusmet)
  6. Trakijska Râčenica (Milevska Râčenica)


Jaap has made his individual dance notes, sheet music, and other information available free of charge; you can download them from Jaap’s Page on the Folk Arts Center’s website.

Jaap Leegwater is known worldwide for having introduced classic repertoire dances including Karamfil, Dobrudžanska Pandela, and Mari Marijko.  While he lives in The Netherlands, Jaap regularly returns to Bulgaria to update his studies and make new recordings.

Accordionist Jan Wollring accompanied Jaap in the workshop. Jan was the regular accompanist of Bulgarian singer Galina Durmushliyska during the years she lived in the Netherlands.

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