Sibylle Helmer

Breton and Albanian Dances (February 2021)

audio download, syllabi

aired February 20, 2021


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A set of syllabi and music files from Sibylle Helmer’s online Dances of Brittany and Albania dance workshop that aired February 20, 2021.

Dances included:


  • Vallja e ditëlindjes (birthday dance)
    music: Albanian from Kosovo
    source: arranged by Lisette Langeveld, June 2018
  • Ani kaj lulije (Cry, Flower)
    music: Albanian from Macedonia
    source: arranged by Sibylle Helmer


  • An dro
    music: different type of melody for An dro
    source: traditional Breton dance
  • An dro roumaneg (Roumanian An dro)
    music: fusion with Roumanian musicians and Breton language
    source: arranged by Sibylle Helmer
  • Valse écossaise (Scottish walz)
    music: different kind of melody’s of Valse écossaise
    source: fest-noz (dance party in Brittany, France)

About Sibylle

Sibylle Helmer has been teaching for more than 30 years in the international folk dance world, especially in the Netherlands but also in Belgium, England, Austria, Italy and Canada. She attends workshops of various teachers at home and abroad in order to keep up with the latest developments and continuously increase her knowledge. With her foundation, she organizes workshops, courses and festivals in the Netherlands with teachers from the Netherlands and abroad.

After her studies to become a French and Dutch language teacher (1992), she stayed for six months in Paris as an au-pair. It was there where she first encountered Breton music and dance. Many summers after that, she went to Brittany for courses and festivals and thus her first specialty, Breton dance, was born.

Since 2010 she has been going to Albania regularly to learn more about that country’s dance, culture, history, and language. And so now she has developed her second specialty: Albanian dance. This week’s workshop will feature dances from both Brittany and Albania.

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