Dorina Nimigean, Jan Pumpr, Vera Sukhorukova

Spring Traditions Showcase

showcase created April 2023



 We’ve bundled videos of three of our previous presentations into a Spring Traditions showcase.

These spring-celebrating programs are: When Spring Comes to Romania, Spring Traditions in Czech Republic, and Ukrainian Egg Decorating.

Part of our Thursday evening SOFA Series presentations, find the program listings online.

About the Presentations
Spring Traditions in Czech Republic (with Jan Pumpr)

Jan captivates us with stories about the history, traditions, and customs surrounding Spring in the Czech Republic. His familiarity with Czech folk art and traditions stems from a variety of sources: living them, as a teacher of traditional Czech dances, and as a tour leader for cultural trips to every nook and cranny of the country. His knowledge of, and passion for, his country is palpable, and his presentation is engaging and fascinating.

When Spring Comes to Romania (with Dorina Nimigean)

Dorina starts with an overview of Romania’s geo-political background, and takes you on a trip in time through various regions and talk about spring rituals, from pre-Christian to Easter. She shares with you her love for Romania’s countryside, people, crafts, and food. Be prepared for a feast of breathtaking pictures and the stories behind them, plus videos of villagers and dancers. You might want to get up and join in a dance, or to learn how to make a Mărțișor. Did you know that the dance Călușarii (photo is Călușarii in the town of Giurgiu, Romania, 1998) emerged from a welcoming spring ritual? Dorina answers questions and dispels myths about Dracula, Roma, language, and offer some useful travel tips.

Ukrainian Egg Decorating (with Vera Sukhorukova

In this program, Vera gives us the story of psyanky – the traditions, the meanings, how they are created, and a demonstration of a simple egg decoration technique. Vera Sukhorukova lives in the small town of Boyarka, southwest of Kyiv, Ukraine. Since childhood, she has been engaged in traditional Ukrainian crafts, including several styles of embroidery, the “Petrykivka” style of folk painting, beadweaving, and more. Her family has a tradition of making krashanki (colored eggs) and pysanki (eggs decorated with patterns and painting) for Easter. Vera learned to make krashanki from her grandmother, and from her mother she learned the art of making pysanky.


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