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Spinning World

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Spinning World by the Heartbeats Rhythm Quartet (1993)

This is a joyous album by The Heartbeats Rhythm Quartet. It combines elements of jazz, swing, and old-timey. The sound is warm and present, and the vocals are so tight that they sound like one big voice. The title cut is terrific, as is “Hollywood Dream,” and Jean Richie’s “Blue Diamond Mines.”


  1. Ocean
  2. Hollywood Dream
  3. All I Want To Do
  4. Living In Babylon
  5. Black Mountain Rag
  6. Blue Diamond Mines
  7. Signs Of Rain
  8. Another Day
  9. Nine Mile View Of
  10. Spinning World
  11. They Don’t Know You
  12. Hand Of Man
  13. Cotton-Eyed Joe
  14. Power To Run
  15. Whole Bunch Of Keys