Old Doors New Worlds


Cajun fiddle, contemporary dance, Yiddish lullaby, early jazz


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Old Doors New Worlds, Dovetail 2 disc CD and DVD set (2012)

with bonus DVD includes a full-length concert and special features.

with Jodi Beder, Daron Douglas, Nic Gareiss, David Greeley, Andrea Hoag, Owen Morrison, Leigh Pilzer, Carson Reiners, Phil Wiggins

Playlist Disc 1

  1. Hambleton’s Round O/The Flat Cap/3/2 Hornpipe
  2. Gelée
  3. Hemfärden Från Timmerskogen/ Kaffelåten
  4. A Dream For Dorothea
  5. Abe’s Waltz/Andy’s Waltz
  6. Ayoù T’était Mercredi Passé/The Sunny South
  7. Struttin’ With Some Barbecue
  8. Linin’ Hymns
  9. Lady Franklin’s Lament/Gudmunds Kalles Polska
  10. Redbud
  11. Daybreak/Eylulu/Maz’l
  12. Polska Från Vrigstad
  13. Threesqaure
  14. Anakeesta
  15. Polka Nueva/Sjakvodivovodi Vall Vall Vall
  16. My Mule Has the Richest Blood/Give the Fiddler a Dram/Allons Boire Un Coup
  17. Mes Enfants