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Souvenir Sleuth

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aired January 21, 2021


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FAC Game Show: Souvenir Sleuth

About the Presentation

The SOFA (Some Other Folk Arts) series coordinators are excited to present the First Ever FAC Game Show!! The game is Souvenir Sleuth, in which teams compete to identify objects acquired by FAC friends in their travels.

Several small teams try to guess what the object is and where it’s from. They decide on a guess – one guess per team. And then the object’s owner has a chance to tell its story.

We really hope you’ll have fun watching as the teams try to figure out the objects they’re shown. While the teams deliberate, everyone else swaps stories about their own travels, souvenirs, customs declarations, packing adventures, etc.

Are there prizes? Maybe. There will NOT be a new car under your seat, however.

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