Šani Rifati

Romani Dances (July 2020)

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aired July 18, 2020


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Digital music and video files from Šani Rifati’s Romani dance workshop that aired July 18, 2020. After payment is received a link will be emailed to you to download the files via WeTransfer. The link has no expiration date.

  • music for the dances taught in the workshop
  • 8 additional pieces of music
  • three Romani music videos
  • video of Sani Rifati teaching each dance during the workshop

Music in the package:

(Note: the first 5 tracks are dances from the workshop, the remaining tracks are bonus tunes)

  1. Romsko Romano Horo
  2. Gajda – Dzokanovo Oro – Dzambo Agusevi Orchestra
  3. Pravo Oro horo – Küçük Adamdan büyük oyunlar.. Maşallah Yüksek Mahalle Strumica Makedonya
  4. Telo Vas Horo
  5. Surdulicko Oro
  6. Abdaj
  7. Čačak
  8. Djevriakoro
  9. Kicevsko Pharo
  10. Pala Amende
  11. Pharo Berovsko
  12. Pharo Refki
  13. Phirno Pharo

Šani Rifati is a human rights activist and the President of Voice of Roma. A native Roma himself, he was born in Priština, Yugoslavia, present-day Kosovo. Šani Rifati has lived and worked in California, and since 2012 resides in Berlin, Germany. A dancer and choreographer, he was a member of the dance group Kheljen Roma, and is a cousin of the late Macedonian Roma singer Esma Redzhepova. Šani takes part in shows as a Roma dancer and musician, has volunteered since 2012 as a Roma-dance teacher at the refugee dance group Heimatsterne of the Arbeitsgruppe Flucht+Menschenrechte in Berlin, and has organized cultural seminars. He presently works with children and youth for Zirkus Cabuwazi.

He appeared on the History Channel’s program Curse on the Gypsies.

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