Jamie Laval

Shades of Green (2003)



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Evocative exploration of the tender and the jubilant qualities of ancient Celtic music from the British Islands and France. Jamie Laval, violin/fiddle, Hannsjoerg Scheid, guitar; Stanley Greenthal, guitar; Jon Hammar, bass; Produced by Jamie Laval and Kevin Krenz. (2003)


  1. Danse Rustique
  2. Basking
  3. Night Ride
  4. Just Before Daybreak
  5. Vineyard Harvest
  6. Fiona’s Waltz
  7. Farewell to Luch Katrine
  8. Silhouette
  9. Impressions of Spey Valley
  10. A Long trip Home, Salutation
  11. The Court Jester. J