Roo Lester

Scandinavian Dances (January 2021)

workshop materials

air date January 16, 2021



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In stock

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A set of materials from Roo Lester’s online Scandinavian dance workshop 

There are three packages available: 
  1. Klintetten 2018 (CD)
  2. Chicago Spelmanslag (CD)
  3.  Free package of materials: syllabi, resource spreadsheet, two music videos

Roo Lester began with international folk dance while in college that later led to an MA in Dance Ethnology from UCLA. Roo has travelled extensively in Norway and Sweden studying dance and participating in dance and music events. She taught at FAC Pinewoods and Oktoberfest, and is known for her clear presentations with care and respect for the dance traditions. Covid time has offered opportunities to learn new and adapt some dances. We welcome Roo back to the FAC!

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