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“Reflections” features solo piano improvisations and meditations on life growing up in a working class neighborhood just outside of Flint, and on journeys to sacred natural places whether it be a weedy field or a billion year old mountain.

The music on Reflections includes tunes called Beecher’s Lament and Lost Children, both of these pieces were composed for and are featured on Michael Moore’s Academy Award Winning Documentary “Bowling For Columbine”. Jeff Gibbs is a lifetime friend of Michael Moore’s and Jeff is also a producer for Michael’s documentary film company. (2003)

  1. Flying Through Chicory Fields
  2. Beecher’s Lament
  3. Forest Breath
  4. Lost Children
  5. Meandering
  6. Starscape
  7. Winter’s Eve
  8. Into The Quiet
  9. Frost Etchings On Glass
  10. The Willow Tree
  11. Raven’s Dance
  12. Walking To School
  13. Mountain Laurel
  14. Snow Falling Through Lamplight