Anne Hooper and Steve Hickman, Calum MacKinnon, Earl Gaddis, Liz Donaldson, Marty Taylor, Ralph Gordon

Memories of Scottish Weekend


Scottish Country Dances


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Memories of Scottish Weekend with Ralph Gordon, Liz Donaldson, Calum Mackinnon, Marty Taylor, Earl Gaddis, Anne Hooper, Steve Hickman (1998)

playlist: Scottish Country Dances

  1. Swiss Lassie
  2. The Last of the Lairds
  3. Adieu Mon Ami
  4. Blue Bonnets (with Pipes)
  5. The De’il amang the Tailors
  6. Lezlie & Gordon’s Waltz
  7. The Fireside Reel
  8. A Flock of Geese
  9. The Sailor
  10. Miss Gibson’s Strathspey
  11. Mrs. Stewart’s Jig
  12. The Montgomeries’ Rant, or The Fully Monty
  13. Lullaby for Kim