Lyle Ramshaw, Michael Bentley, Susan Worland

Lucky 13



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Thirteen tracks from 2013… Lucky 13!

This is Scottish Country Dance music recorded in a live setting, you can hear the energy of the dancers infusing the tracks with a special vitality. But these sets are more than just dance music. With a tune selection ranging from 18th century classics to modern favorites, from toe-tapping jigs and driving reels to lyrical strathspeys and lovely waltzes, there is a lot to provide listening pleasure. Please join us for an evening’s music, and dancing, fun!

Susan Worland Bentley (violin), Lyle Ramshaw (piano), Michael Bentley (bodhrán, percussion & vocal). Recorded live in Merrill Hall at the Asilomar Conference Center on 1 November 2013 by Joe Weed. (2014)
  1. Marches (warm-up)
  2. Kendall’s Hornpipe
  3. Up in the Air
  4. The Button Boy
  5. The Minister on the Loch
  6. The Hamilton Rant
  7. Haste to the Wedding
  8. Miss Milligan’s Strathspey
  9. Da Rain Dancin’
  10. The Dundee Whaler
  11. Australian Ladies
  12. Waltzes

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